Dental Implants in Chennai

Optimistic and stunning teeth are an eye-catching asset. They provide us with self-confidence, progress our quality of life and permit us to feel more expected. But, it is not only for advent that we have healthy teeth. Scientific research has proved that healthy teeth have an imperative influence on our diet, health, & overall sense of well being. Vigorous teeth cannot be taken for granted. Age plays no role and anyone can be affected.  So teeth must be taken care properly.

Implant dentistry was discovered by a Swedish research team lead by DR. P.I Branemark. He came across the factor that bone can bond with titanium.  He termed this bone implant interface Osseo integration. This was the commencement of the implant dentistry. The attainment of dental implants is related to this innovation. In 1982, the team conveyed a 91% success rate in the lower jaw over 15 years. The success rate has improved to 96 percent & most implants are titanium screws.

A dental implant in Chennai is a titanium stake that is surgically situated into the jaw bone underneath the gum line that allows your dentist to plinth replacement teeth or bridge into that area.  An implant doesn’t come loose like a denture can.  Implant dentistry also delivers benefits in general oral health care because they are not supposed to be anchored to other teeth’s like bridges.

Talking about implants the person who will undergo implant dentistry must have healthy gums and adequate bones to support the implants. If your structure of bone is so thin and soft or unable to support then you may require a bone graft. Or else if there is not adequate bone height in the upper jaw or the sinuses are too adjacent to the jaw. You may necessitate a sinus lift. Care dental hospital in Chennai ensures you to provide the best implant dentistry as compared to any other dental hospitals.  We pledge to assist you with our best specialist doctors to deal with any kind of your teeth abnormalities.